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Here is one of those clocks you just never see for sale, and when you do, it is an extremely high priced clock.
ProClocks is proud to offer the Congreve Rolling Clock.
You will receive the complete clock, base and display dome.
Here is one of the clocks your friends will probably not have! We have it priced at a Special Sale Price of only $1499!
Congreve Rolling Ball Clock

ProClocks Largest Trumpeter Clock in the World
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Largest Trumpeter Clock in the World

Item Number #: 6l5/06   
Item Price: $5595.00   
Item Shipping:$300.00   

Item Description:

When was the last time you saw a 8 foot long wall cuckoo clock? It is profusely carved wood from the top to the bottom with a great finish on it, with very deep carvings. There is a deer stag on the top-piece, rabbit on one side with pheasant on the other. It has a terrific large brass spring wound movement that cuckoos on each quarter hour, half hour, three quarters, and on the hour. Then, on the hour after cuckooing, the trumpeter comes out from below the clock dial, and he 'trumpets' the hours. At four o'clock, it trumpets four sets, at five o'clock, it trumpets five sets, etc. It is a triple winder with three winders, with a very nice looking thick plate brass movement. Did I even mention that it has real carved bone hands and numerals? I don't think there is any clock maker today who offers cuckoo clocks with real bone hands other than ProClocks. The pendulum is also carved, and matches the rest of the clock. No one else makes a trumpeter clock today, except ProClocks. It is not an antique, and who else do you know who offers a Trumpeter Cuckoo Clock, with this great size, at 8 feet long from the top of the clock to the bottom of the pendulum? Shipping and insurance is $300 within the Continental USA. Be the one with the largest cuckoo clock in your state. If you have lofted ceilings in the family room, or den, it would fit in well. In an upscale clock shop, this clock would sell for over $20,000. If you are a clock shop, you will probably want it to use as an eyecatching display. Get this incredible 8 foot Trumpeter Cuckoo Clock, which is probably the largest trumpeter cuckoo clock with bone hands and numbers in the whole USA!!! Email if you have any questions on this great piece. You can even pick it up at the shop, and save the shipping charges.
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