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Special of the month

Here is one of those clocks you just never see for sale, and when you do, it is an extremely high priced clock.
ProClocks is proud to offer the Congreve Rolling Clock.
You will receive the complete clock, base and display dome.
Here is one of the clocks your friends will probably not have! We have it priced at a Special Sale Price of only $1499!
Congreve Rolling Ball Clock

ProClocks Dickory, Dickory, Dock, The Mouse Clock
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Dickory, Dickory, Dock, The Mouse Clock

Item Number #: 6l4/06   
Item Price: $325.00   
Item Shipping:$30.00   

Item Description:

Here is a very interesting clock--the mouse walks up the clock until it arrives at 1:00 o'clock, then the mouse slides very quickly down the clock to the bottom, hitting the striking bell at the end of his trip. This clock was very popular many years ago, and now here it is available for the holidays for you. Not the $2500 price that the old one is worth, but we are selling it with no reserve. This clock is like the original clock, fully mechanical with an eight day platform escapement. Look at the pics. It is a natural for getting lots of comments, when your friends and neighbors see it on the wall. It is 18 inches long, and just the right size. It has a great mechanical movement, gold painted numerals, and a 2" mouse. Look at the pics.
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